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Aged Solar Opt-In Leads

Conversion Marketing offers clients aged solar opt-in leads to help expand your business and grow your sales. These leads are interested and open to receiving a call or email about your businesses’ solar offerings. We source these leads through call centers and through online generated forms. Our leads can be categorized and are available in 50+ verticals to fit your exact needs. You can narrow down by income or geographic area to make sure your leads are serving you to their full potential.  

Reliable Sources

Leads from Conversion Marketing provide a detailed set of data including their name, email address, phone number, physical address, and other unique information we have collected about them. The more information you have about a prospect the easier it will be to build a relationship and find common ground. These leads have been cross-checked against the Do Not Call (DNC) and scrubbed through the National Change of Address (NCoA) list. The emails included in our opt-in leads list are all tested for the highest rate of deliverability so you’re carefully crafted email campaigns aren’t wasted. 

Qualified Leads 

Aged solar opt-in leads from CM have also been qualified. This means that we have put these prospective clients through a screening process in order to create valuable data sets. These warm leads have a greater chance of converting to sales making them a great investment. Since aged leads cost less than real-time leads it is a smart investment to make if your business is willing to follow through and reach out to prospects and build the relationship. 

Why Aged Solar Leads?

Aged leads are something all agents should add to their sales and marketing plans. Aged solar leads offer lower initial investment costs and less competition from other agents. Most agents don’t follow up with leads after the first week. This means there are people interested in your product or service but haven’t been pitched to yet! This is a lucrative opportunity to create a relationship and make a sale. 

There is also a lower initial cost for these leads. Real-time leads can cost upwards of $10 a lead while aged leads traditionally start around 75 cents – $1. If your budget for leads is small then it makes more sense to try aged leads. Yes, there will be more groundwork to get past the initial voicemail but the risk is lower and can be even more profitable than real-time leads.

Our leads are aged 30 days to create a prime opportunity for dedicated agents that are willing to put in the time to make the sale. CM has a comprehensive database of contacts and opt-in leads to match the right client to your solar company. There are only two reasons for not using aged solar leads and that is 1) you’ve never tried it and 2) your company does not have a complete acquisition strategy. 

To give our aged leads a try, contact us today and one of our trained specialists will reach out to answer all your questions.