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Double-Verified Preset Appointments

Preset Appointments

Conversion Marketing offers double-verified present appointments to accelerate your sales cycle by handling the verification process and vetting beforehand. Our team of agents calls our list of warm leads before we verify that the prospect fits all of the filters and requirements you specify. From energy usage to credit score to geolocation, we can match prospects to meet your needs. After passing our screening, we book the date & time for the appointment before handing off the lead to you in real time via a live transfer. This process saves our customers time and increases closing rates because of our double-verification system.

Expedite your sales cycle

Benefits of Live Double-Verified Preset Appointments

Warm Hand-Off

Our team talks to the lead and does a warm handoff to your team

Quality Assurance

All calls are recorded for quality assurance and training for your team

Buffer Period

We implement a two minute buffer period during the handoff


Conversion Marketing supplies a free CRM for you to manage leads efficiently

Select from 50+ Verticals

We understand the importance of targeting & filtering leads which is why we have over 50 verticals to choose from. Our preset appointments have been double-verified and are directly transferred to you in real-time. There is no hotter lead than someone on the line waiting to close the deal who has also booked an appointment to meet you in person.

Get Your Preset Appointments

What we take off your plate

Sourcing leads to call

Cold-Calling Thousands of Leads

Understand the process of a double verified-preset appointmnet

Targeted prospect fills out form online or calls in

Our call centers contacts and qualifies the lead

Our team books the date and time for your appointment

We transfer the live lead to your team to close the deal

Double-verified preset appointments are a new offering that takes qualifying one step further. Not only are we sourcing, contacting, and vetting leads for you, we are also booking the appointment, setting the date and time, and transferring the prospect to you while they’re still on the phone. Conversion Marketing is committed to sourcing and qualifying quality leads that are more likely to convert to paying customers that the other options on the market. There is no more cost-effective option for qualified leads.