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Make Aged Leads Part of Your Marketing Plan

It is a known fact that when you are purchasing shared leads that it will cost more, anywhere from $7 to $10 for each lead. These shared leads are also being worked by other agents so competition is higher. If you choose to purchase leads that aren’t being shared, also known as exclusive leads, that will cost you even greater, anywhere from $10 to $25+. This can be an expensive gamble to take if you don’t have a big budget to work with. These costs feel even greater when after personally dialing each, you reach nothing but calls sent to voicemail. 

Anyone who has worked with real-time leads has had this experience at some point. While sometimes it can pan out, usually it is a large investment for a relatively low ROI. This is where smart sales and marketing teams turn to aged leads. Aged leads offer a different approach that has a lower initial investment and less competition.  

Aged Leads

Aged leads are potential prospects that are between 30 to 90+ days old. These leads are usually generated through online opt-in forms, responding to marketing campaigns or sales messaging. Sometimes aged leads have already been contacted by an agent because these leads are usually sold and then resold. However, there is always a chance that the aged lead was never contacted or the relationship was never properly fostered.

There are several benefits to incorporating aged-leads into your sales efforts, both monetarily and competition-wise. 

Greater ROI with less investment 

Aged leads are a much more affordable option than fresh leads. While a fresh lead can cost up to $25 per lead, an aged lead may only cost you 75¢ each. Let’s play with those numbers a little bit, if your budget to spend on leads was only $500, that would only get you about 20 real-time leads or it would get you over 600 leads. If we assume that you manage to sell to 1 in every 5 of your exclusive leads, you would make 4 sales. Aged leads have a lower chance of selling so let’s assume you sell to 1 in every 50 that would still put you at 13 sales from the same budget. 

Why are aged leads less expensive? 

Aged leads are prospects who dropped off in the sales cycle – they were once interested in your products or services but were never successfully sold to. This actually provides another benefit for agents trying to make a sale because there is less competition and they don’t have to rush the process of building a relationship. 

Less competition 

Another benefit of aged leads is exclusivity, there are no other agents pursuing your prospect. When someone fills out an opt-in form through a marketing channel their information is often sold in data lists to many competitors. This means they are overwhelmed with information that initial week. This is a better and calmer time to approach them and gives you an opportunity to make a sale. 

Contact Conversion Marketing if you’re ready to add 30-day leads to your sales efforts and one of our trained professionals will be in touch with you to answer your questions or feel free to call us at (888) 665-7655.