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Solar Leads Generation Strategy for Success

As the popularity of solar power increases, the need for quality solar leads does increases as well. Finding a partner that can offer a variety of reliable and trustworthy solar leads that fits within your budget is important to shorten your sales funnel. With the most comprehensive email contact databases, address and telemarketing, you will find the ideal solar client. We’ll do the work for you and show you in the right direction. We can also help if you are a solar company looking for ways to generate new leads. In general, solar lead generation can be split into two main categories: leads that you spend money on and leads that are generated organically.


We know that finding a quality solar contractor and solar leads is not an easy task to undertake by yourself, so we’re here to help. Finding a range of solar leads across your local area, we guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Organic Leads vs. Paid Leads

A popular way of generating solar leads is to do it organically, which means that no direct money is being spent on advertising to find customers. This can be done through customer referrals, through redesigning your website, investing in SEO, and through partnerships and events.

For customer referrals, the downside of generating solar leads organically is that although you can build a strong customer base, you can’t rely too heavily on referrals as it is hard to predict their consistency. You don’t know the quality of the referral, which can have the opposite effect of what you wanted to achieve. Undoubtedly, your website is an undeniably helpful marketing tool which is essential if you want your solar company to be successful. Therefore, this should be a consideration whether you opt for organic or paid lead generation.

Thirdly, although partnerships and events are undeniably helpful for gaining leads, they don’t happen very often. Therefore, you shouldn’t solely rely on them in order to achieve a high level of solar leads.

Overall, finding solar leads organically isn’t always a reliable method. It can be time-consuming and costly. The best way to get solar leads is through a mixture of the two methods – organic and paid. Through paid solar leads generation, you can access an array of information quickly. This data is also substantially cheaper than alternatives.

Solar Leads Generation Strategies

As mentioned above, there are a range of strategies that can be used to generate solar leads. This includes live events, organic Google search, display advertising, solar email campaigns, paid search ads, , online content, coupons and blog posts. Another popular method of getting quality leads (especially if you are looking for aged solar leads) is through opt-in leads. This ensures that the customers want to find a solar contractor.

Most Effective Solar Lead Acquisition

Opt-in leads are the most effective acquisition strategy because these leads are not cold. They have filled out a form asking for more information on solar panels and installations. Not only are these leads more likely to convert, they are actively shopping for solar services.

Want to find out more? Get in contact with us today and we can guide you through finding the appropriate solar lead for your needs. You can either call us on (888) 665-7655, email [email protected] or fill out the quick contact us form – we look forward to hearing from you!