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Home Remodeling Leads

Need Home Remodeling Leads?

Home improvement aged web leads are great for those companies that sell a myriad of home services, including roofing, and windows, as well as kitchen and bath remodeling services. 

What Are Aged Leads?‌  

These are leads that are one to three months old. In reality, they’re any lead that’s older than “real-time.” A company generated the leads in the past and continues to sell them, even if another agent or agency purchased them. 

In reality, there’s no difference in how aged leads and real-time leads get generated. The difference is that the aged ones didn’t convert for others. Whatever the reason for not converting, they’re still technically active because the consumer has not been sold yet, and so the company that generated them is offering them to others.  

Aged home remodeling leads may have been exclusive when a company first generated them. Now, they’re available for multiple agents and agencies to purchase. 

Aged Leads Vs. Real-Time Leads  

With a real-time lead, a potential customer recently submitted their information to be contacted about a specific service. Real-time leads put you in the best possible position to build a relationship with the potential client. But they cost more. And just because they are real-time, doesn’t mean they will be easier to close. 

Aged leads, tend to be of lower quality but they are more affordable to acquire. By the time you contact them to follow up with their initial inquiry, some time has passed. That’s time for the prospect to lose interest or find another home improvement service provider.  

How Much Do Aged Home Remodeling Leads Cost?  

What makes aged leads so awesome is that they’re affordable. And in many cases, the consumer still wants to buy. In many cases, they go for $1 to $15 per lead. Some are as cheap as $0.20 per lead, be sure to inquire with us to find out the exact costs. 

These leads are attractive if you’re on a limited budget, just keep in mind on average, they don’t convert as much as real-time leads. 

Real-time leads cost quite a bit more, usually between $7 and $20, depending on a few key factors. That’s a lot to pay for home improvement leads! …which is why so many of our clients opt for aged leads. If you have the right sales team working them, they can convert very well into paying customers. 


Looking for aged leads in the home improvement sector? Contact us today. 

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