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 Buying Aged Leads VS Real-Time Leads

When it comes to buying leads there are several options available to choose from but, the two we will explore in this article are aged leads and real-time leads. The type of prospect you are hoping to approach will determine the type of lead you will buy. A lead is a person who has indicated an interest in your products or services. Leads help boost your conversion rates and keep sales up. 

What are aged leads?

Aged leads are prospective clients that have shown an interest in your product or service through one of your sales messaging verticals in the last 30 to 90+ days. The only difference between aged and real-time leads is that some time has passed between the initial inquiry of your product/service and the time you follow up with the prospective client. 

Aged leads are something that should be part of everyone’s sales strategy. The benefits of using aged leads are plentiful; they are less expensive, there is less competition when trying to close a sale, and they can have a higher ROI than real-time leads. Aged leads can cost pennies on the dollar for what real-time leads costs so they are an effective way to stretch your budget. There is also another added benefit to aged leads – you are approaching the prospective customer at a time where there is less competition from other salespeople. In the first week or day of their inquiry, many customers are bombarded with calls and offers but most agents do not follow up or follow through on their initial call. When you are calling and emailing aged leads, you are likely the only salesperson doing so. This gives you the right opportunity to build a valuable relationship and find out the prospective clients’ needs.  The disadvantage of aged leads is that these potential leads may have already been sold on your product. 

What are real-time leads?

Real-time leads are potential customers that are in the right position to purchase your services or product. These are prospective customers that have inquired through a sales vertical about your products/services. These leads tend to be more expensive because they are given to agents in real-time. This allows salespeople to contact the lead while the product/service is at the top of their agenda. 

Conversion Marketing’s real-time leads are collected from web-generated forms filled out by prospects and through call centers. The benefit of real-time leads is that they have a higher conversion rate and are more likely to result in a sale. The consumer has your product/service a the top of their mind and is ready to purchase. The only disadvantage of real-time leads is that because these leads are so fresh, there has not been time to assess if it is a legitimate lead.

Leads from Conversion Marketing

All of our leads have been qualified through an extensive process to make sure they aren’t dead leads. We screen our lists thoroughly to make sure they are up to date and providing the right kind of information. Conversion Marketing has data from 50+ different verticals and offers opt-in leads from 1-2 weeks to 30-day aged-leads. If you are ready to find the right leads for your company, contact us today.