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Opt-In Leads

Qualified leads have the best ROI!

What makes our leads so valuable is the fact that they’ve all been qualified. We’ve gone through the process of screening prospects in order to create lists of people that are interested and want more information. Opt-in leads are a warmer solution than cold data which is why Conversion Marketing continues to deliver lists to repeat customers – because the leads provide great return on investment!

Get Your Opt-In Leads

Aged Opt-In Leads Sources

Web Generated

Prospective clients filled out a form on the internet

Call Center

Prospects have shown interest via telephone

Select from 50+ Verticals

We understand the importance of targeting & filtering data which is why we have over 50 verticals to choose from. Our opt in leads within each vertical have been qualified and are WAITING FOR YOU to reach out to them. The data is fresh and never repeated so your lists are 100% yours if you get them from Conversion Marketing.

Targeted Opt-In Leads

Different types of opt-in leads

7-14 Day

30 Day

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