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Live transfers

Qualified leads have the best ROI!

Live transfers are the best way to reach more customers, faster, and in real-time. Talk to customers on the phone after we’ve prescreened them based on your filters and targeted locations. We provide a 2-minute buffer period (120 seconds) for you to review the lead an ensure you want to talk to them. You can listen to the recording in real time to verify that the person is the right fit for you and either accept or reject the call through our CRM (a complementary benefit that we provide to all of our live-transfer partners).

Grow your business with live transfers

Benefits of Live Transfer Leads

Warm Hand-Off

Our team talks to the lead and does a warm handoff to your team

Quality Assurance

All calls are recorded for quality assurance and training for your team

Buffer Period

We implement a two minute buffer period during the handoff


Conversion Marketing supplies a free CRM for you to manage leads efficiently

Select from 50+ Verticals

We understand the importance of targeting & filtering leads which is why we have over 50 verticals to choose from. Our live lead transfers within each vertical have been qualified and are directly transferred to you in real time. There is no hotter lead than someone on the line waiting to close the deal.

Targeted Live Transfers
live transfer leads

What we take off your plate

Sourcing leads to call

Cold-Calling Thousands of Leads

Looking for live lead trasnfers?

Understand the process of a live transfer lead

Targeted prospect fills out form online or calls in

Our call centers contacts and qualifies the lead

We transfer the live lead to your team to close the deal

Types of Live Transfer Leads

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Live Transfer Medicare Supplement Leads

Let us handle the process of finding and vetting customers shopping for Medicare. As leads become available in your coverage area, we will contact the lead, verify their interest, and transfer them to you directly. Live transfer medicare leads are 10 times more likely to convert than clicks.

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Live Transfer Auto Insurance Leads

Save time and money by talking to customers that are ready to purchase and interested in auto insurance. We handle the process of outbound calls, verification, and initial conversation to ensure the insurance leads are ready to pass on. 10x your closing rate by working with live transfer auto insurance leads. 

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Looking for something else?

These are just some examples of the types of live transfers we can offer. Our team of over 250 agents are working daily to source and vet customers so you can focus on closing sales. Click below to let us know exactly what type of live transfer leads you are looking for.

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Live transfers are a type of marketing strategy where a pre-screened potential customer is directly transferred via phone call to a sales agent or representative. This type of lead generation allows for immediate customer engagement and provides an opportunity for the sales representative to engage with the customer and pitch their products or services. Live transfer leads are typically more expensive than other lead generation methods, as they involve a higher degree of personalization and direct contact with the customer. However, they are also generally considered to be more effective, as they offer a higher chance of converting a lead into a sale due to the immediate and personalized engagement.