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ACA Health Insurance Leads (Obamacare)

ACA Health Insurance Leads (Obamacare)

If you’re an insurance company looking for leads, the Affordable Care Act is a goldmine. There are millions of people who qualify and need insurance coverage. Here’s how you can get top-quality Obamacare leads and make the most of them.

Who Qualifies for ACA Health Insurance?

Who’s your customer base when it comes to ACA insurance? First, they must be U.S. citizen or national, who is not currently incarcerated. Certain types of immigrants qualify for ACA as well, including lawful permanent residents, lawful temporary residents, refugees, and those who have been granted asylum.

They must also meet the income requirements. A single person would need an income between $13,500 and $54,300 to qualify. For married couples and families, those numbers go up. For those making less than the minimum amount, they’ll qualify for Medicaid or a similar low-income insurance program, rather than ACA.

Finding Leads

ACA eligibility casts a wide net, which makes it a great resource for mining leads. But how do you find them? There are a number of options. Start by adding your company info to They have a section called Find Local Help, which allows anyone who’s eligible to search for ACA healthcare in the area that they qualify for and that meets their needs. By adding your name to the area or areas you cover, you allow potential customers to find you and fill out a form by which you can reach out to them.

It also helps to work with local businesses. Especially smaller ones often don’t provide healthcare coverage for their employees. By reaching out to them, you can help those employees get affordable coverage through you.

Plus, there are the usual methods of lead generation. Buying Google ads with relevant keywords, such as “ACA coverage in <location>” or “where to get health insurance” will help get your company seen by the right people. A good social media presence helps as well. Generate content that will draw people to a landing page, wherein they can enter their relevant information: name, contact info, and the type of insurance they’re looking for. Once you have all of this data, it’s easy to contact people and help them meet their needs.

Buying Leads

Buying leads ready-made is also a good investment. Aged leads generated from web forms can be purchased at a discount after a few months. People will always need healthcare, so if they didn’t buy the first time around, chances are they’re still looking. All you need is the right hook to close them.

Live transfer leads are even better. These are leads that are on the phone right now, waiting to be sold. As long as you have their basic info—who they are and what they’re looking for—you can reel them in.

Conversion Marketing has great quality ACA leads of all types, and for all different price ranges. We can help you find the best leads to meet your needs, increase your conversion rates, and boost your ROI. Contact us to learn more!

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ACA Health Insurance Leads

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