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Learn more about your customers through specific, relevant data.

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Home Value

Presence of children

Household Income

Estimated FICO

Single Vs. Multi-Family Home

Marital Status

Language Spoken

Hobbies & Interests



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Types of Data Lists

ailment data lists ailment marketing ailment data

Ailment Data

Reach consumers with specific ailments and illnesses with Conversion Marketing’s Ailment database. This data comes from a variety of self-reported sources, and it’s particularly responsive for offers such as medical supplies, insurance, and healthcare.

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Automobile Owners

The type of vehicle a consumer owns can tell you a lot about them. Conversion Marketing’s automobile owner database works great for many industries, including insurance, extended service, aftermarket accessories, and auto dealerships, just to name a few.

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business data lists sales data lists email data conversion sales lists

Business Data

Does your company sell its product or services to other businesses? Maximize your business-to-business marketing efforts with Conversion Marketing’s business database. This data list has over 27 million phone verified business and is updated quarterly.

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Consumer Data

Why is our consumer database our most popular database? It consists of over 200 million consumers nationwide, and can be customized specifically for your direct marketing campaigns. You can run an unlimited number of counts through the Conversion Marketing Portal using hundreds of attributes, and download your direct mail lists, telemarketing lists, and email marketing lists in real-time! Some of these attributes include:

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consumer data lists consumer data marketing data
donors data lists non profit data lists non profit lists


Is your non-profit organization looking for more contributors? Conversion Marketing’s donor data lists can help your organization maximize its fundraising efforts. These prospects have made charitable donations to one or more organizations just like yours.

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New Homeowners Data

New Homeowners spend 10 times more money over a 2-year period than an established homeowner. These prospects are financially stable, extremely responsive, and will likely spend their money with the companies that contact them first. It’s important that you contact these new homeowners before your competition does through our data lists.

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New homeowners data lists new homeowner data
new movers data lists

New Movers

Each year, about 15% of the population will move. New Movers spend billions of dollars yearly…will they spend any of that money with you? Be the first to welcome them to the neighborhood, and they just might!

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Mortgage Data Lists

It’s estimated that new homeowners spend 8–10 times more money than their established neighbors. With Conversion Marketing, you can get your products and services in front of this lucrative market, fast. Take advantage of our homeowner data lists.

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mortgage data lists mortgage data
medical data lists healthcare data

Medical Data

Whether a large hospital or small practice, these specialized businesses need everything from advertising to office and medical supplies. Find new business opportunities by creating customized mailing data lists. Simply search by specialty and then target your results with a number of selections such as credit rating, number of employees, and geography.

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Specialty Lists

If you’re looking for even more targeted data, we offer great consumer specialty lists.


Families are an ideal market for a wide array of businesses. Zero in on the right ones for your next marketing, sales, or research campaign with the Households With Children specialty list.


During the first few years after their purchase, new homeowners will spend 8 to 10 times as much as established homeowners. Get your products and services in front of this lucrative market with our lists.


Consumers spend a lot of money during and after a move. This i the perfect time to build relationships with new community members. Beat your competition to their doors by getting new data every week.


Finding the right investors to target with your next marketing, sales, or research campaign just got easier with our Investors specialty list. Create your customized mailing list by choosing from dozens of selections.