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About Us

Accuracy in Sales Data is the lifeblood of any Telemarketing, Digital or Direct Mail Campaign!

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No matter what product or service you’re offering or whether you’re spending $500 or $100K,  you need an accurate and quality database.  If your sales data list isn’t accurate, you’ll end up wasting  your company’s most valuable resources – time & money

What We Do

Comprehensive Database

We offer the most comprehensive telemarketing, address, and email contact databases.

One Stop

We are the one-stop-source for both consumer and business contact information.

In-House IT

We work together with our in-house IT department to physically house and update every database.

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We're Committed To You

What enables us to provide the highest counts of contact records in your service area? The answer is that we work together with our in-house IT department to physically house and update every database to ensure that we always meet the precise marketing needs of our clients.  We will never charge a fee to suppress your sales data lists against information you have used in the past, thus ensuring the delivery of new contact records only.  You have your choice of literally hundreds of filters that you can use to create a targeted, personalized, Do-Not-Call compliant, telemarketing, or email list for your business.

We Work With You

No matter what marketing strategy you decide on, Conversion Marketing  will work with you and position your marketing strategy into a sustainable, ROI-positive revenue engine for your brand.  From concept to finish, we will be by your side to ensure your success by providing quality sales data.

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Conversion Marketing Sales Data Lists

List Accuracy Ensured

We Take These Steps

Address Data Scrubbed

We scrub all address data through the national change of address (NCOA)

Phone Data Scrubbed

Landlines and cellphones scrubbed by the DNC Registry

AI Testing

Email addresses are all tested for the highest rate of deliverability.