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Opt-In Health Insurance Leads

Purchasing exclusive opt-in health insurance leads removes the most difficult obstacle in selling health insurance for agents. But in the case of leads, quality and, exclusivity matters. One of the benefits of opt-in health insurance leads from Conversion Marketing is that our leads actually convert to sales.

Sales Period Year-Round

While Open Enrollment is traditionally the busiest time for agents, with many consumers looking to buy health insurance, but there is a way to keep that steady stream of business going all year long. The US healthcare system is complex and can be difficult to navigate, especially with new laws and regulations passing yearly. It is no wonder that Americans switch health insurance providers on average, every four years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is just a statistic, but the reality is that every time someone switches jobs, they get a new healthcare provider. With the trend towards self-employment growing, people switching jobs, or other events that occur there is always a portion of the population that is looking for health insurance. The best way to capture this population segment is through exclusive opt-in leads.

What Are Opt-In Leads and the Benefits

Opt-in leads are consumers that have shown an interest in purchasing or learning more about their healthcare insurance options. They have opted-in to receiving marketing information about health insurance. These potential buyers have questions or are thinking about switching providers and they have questions for qualified agents. One of the benefits of opt-in health insurance leads they connect these two groups and provide service where it is needed. Using opt-in leads is more advantageous than traditional cold calling.

What Are Exclusive Leads and the Benefits

Exclusive leads are beneficial because agents can take their time and create a relationship with their potential client instead of rushing to outsell a competing company. By building rapport, you earn a buyer’s trust and loyalty. Since people in the US switch providers often, even the leads that don’t pan out can be kept in your mailing list to nurture. If you have built a good relationship with these leads, they will remember you the next time they are looking for a health insurance provider.

What are Shared Leads and the Benefits

While exclusive leads are often favored by agents, Conversion Marketing also offers shared leads. Shared leads generally cost less per lead than exclusive leads and it is possible to purchase a higher volume of leads at once. Our leads have all been prequalified through a screening process to create lists of people that are interested.

Targeted Data Lists

Conversion Marketing doesn’t just collect names and phone numbers, we also extend our scope to collect information about customer’s credit rating, homeowner status, language spoken, presence of children and other data that can be valuable for categorizing clients. This whole picture approach guarantees better outcomes for health insurance agents. Our targeted data lists help generate ROI

If you are ready to start getting opt-in health insurance leads from Conversion Marketing, fill out our contact form. One of our trained professionals will be in touch with you to answer your questions or feel free to call us at (888) 665-7655.