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Proven Ways to Find Exclusive Home Improvement Leads

A successful contracting business needs to have a reliable source for exclusive home improvement leads to keep up with the competition. A steady stream of leads allows contractors to send out estimates to more potential clients, match with the right projects, and bring in enough income to grow their business. It seems challenging but there are several ways of finding home improvement leads that align with your practice and are exclusive. Some methods require more research and work for the contractor but some methods, like using Conversion Marketing, couldn’t be any easier. Below we will explore some of the proven ways of finding exclusive home improvement leads:

Research Local Facebook Groups

One method of generating exclusive leads is to do the dirty work yourself and research local Facebook groups. If you can find the right group then this can really set you apart from the competition in a regional area. Search for groups that allow recommendations and referrals and have a large population. Some Facebook groups can have as many as 100,000 members for a regional area. Don’t start by spamming the group with your services, which can come off looking like an amateur and unprofessional, instead introduce your business and its offerings. The goal is to get comfortable with answering questions and providing feedback and then once you have established your reputation you can start recommending your services. This shows that you are looking to provide value first. This method of lead generating does take a bit of time but can be rewarding. 

Use Conversion Marketing 

Another proven method of generating exclusive leads is to get them directly from Conversion Marketing. We offer smart solutions to grow your business using curated lists, email marketing, and opt-in leads. The data is up-to-date, accurate, and exclusive to each customer. Conversion marketing is a cost-effective method of marketing and lead generation. This method of lead generation requires the least amount of effort on the contractor’s behalf. 

Promote Special Offers on Social Media

This method can be applied in a few different ways to generate leads but the most common is to provide a small discount to your social media audience. A discount big enough to grab their attention but not so big that the contractor wouldn’t have a chance to upsell them while on site. This method requires some investment to create an ad and further investment to push it out as promoted content but can be worth it for those that have an engaged social media following. Having a social media presence is crucial for all companies in the digital age. 

Contact Us for Home Improvement Leads

The above methods are all proven ways of generating exclusive leads for home improvement and contract work. It is important to figure out what works best for your business or a combination of the methods listed above. To get in touch with us about home improvement leads, fill out our contact form, call us at (888) 665-7655 for any questions, or email us at [email protected].