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How to Generate Leads for your Business

Figuring out how to generate leads is one of the most important aspects of sales for your business. Companies that have the best leads are the ones most likely to make a sale. You can have the best looking product or the greatest service but the company reaching out to present their offerings to a prospect is always the one that has the best chance of closing a sale. Conversion Marketing not only offers leads but also ways to generate leads for yourself. More leads means more revenue and more revenue means more cash for you. 

First, let’s talk about what a lead is. A lead is a person that has, through some format indicated an interest in your company’s services or product. These prospects are perfect to sell to because they are more likely to convert to sales than a cold reach-out. Below we will explore some of the different ways to generate leads:

  1. Implement the right keywords on your website 

Having the correct keywords and SEO on your website can make all the difference in your sales campaign. Websites that rank higher, no further than the first page of Google, typically get more traffic and click-throughs than other sites. The people that visit your page are potential clients interested in your services or products! Pop-ups within the page or subscription links are a good way to get people signed up for your mailing list. 

  1. Create a monthly newsletter 

A monthly newsletter is a great way to spread the word about your services, stay top-of-mind as the leading expert in the field, and foster existing relationships. Use clear CTAs (call-to-action) to have your existing client base spread the word about your services. This is an easy way to generate new leads for your business in a passive way. Conversion Marketing’s email marketing services provide design options, guided campaigns, expert help, privacy protection, and more. 

  1. Buy leads from Conversion Marketing 

Buying opt-in leads from Conversion Marketing guarantees that your leads have been prescreened and qualified. The data is always fresh and never repeated and available in 50+ different verticals to fit your exact needs. Conversion Marketing has both fresh 7-day and aged 30-day leads to fit your company’s budget. 

  1. Partnerships and co-marketing

Referral partner programs and co-marketing with a company whose client base also suits your vertical is a great way to generate fresh leads. Cross-promotion opens you up to a wider range of clients and working with a trusted partner increases your credibility too. It is important to find the right company to work with and make sure that your end goals for the campaign are aligned. 

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Conversion Marketing helps make it convenient and easy to generate leads without a hassle. Our email marketing, opt-in leads, and data lists are all designed to help remove the most difficult process of the sales cycle- getting the right kind of leads. If you’re ready to increase your efforts, contact us today.