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Homeowner Data Improves Business Development

Sales organizations worldwide ponder the eternal question: what is the best way to improve response rates and increase sales? The answer is simple: targeted lists of homeowner data! With a targeted list, you can specify the exact type of data you are looking for using hundreds of filters. Since targeted data delivers the best results, don’t waste time using irrelevant data.

Reach Your Ideal Customer

Our targeted homeowner data lists help you reach your ideal audience easily and efficiently. Partnering with a veteran in the data space is the best way to go! We do not settle for anything other than the most accurate, and most regularly updated information. We pride ourselves on having the number one cold call data in the leads industry. Our information helps companies nationwide save time and money by connecting them with the right people, the first time.

High Quality Homeowner Data

Our lists are high quality, regularly updated and best of all: OPT-IN! All of our lists are 100% customizable to fit your specific marketing campaign. Hundreds of filters and customizations are available to help you build your perfect audience. We can filter for home value, high-energy households, year the home was built, pools-present, single family dwellings and more! We verify homeowners based on county titles and filter for FICO and credit scores. And of course, all of our data is clean and scrubbed with the DNC list.

Types of Data

Data comes in many different types. Firstly, we provide a list of customers’ names. Secondly, we provide landlines, cell phones, and addresses. Improve response rates and sales using our homeowner data. In addition, we replace all bad records! That’s right, you do not have to worry about any disconnects! Our data experts are here to support you through every step of your marketing process.

Utilize homeowner data to streamline business development. Stop wasting time looking for customers when we have lists of them waiting for you to call. If you have any questions regarding your marketing strategy or want to expand your marketing efforts to reach better leads, call (888) 655-6755 or reach out here for a targeted list of prospective buyers today!