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Healthcare Insurance Leads that Convert

Generating leads is one of the biggest challenges any modern business faces, and your health insurance company isn’t any different. However, your firm doesn’t only need leads. It needs leads that will actively convert to sales. This is where Conversion Marketing can become the secret weapon in your arsenal as you battle to beat the competition to new clients.

Our team of marketing experts prides itself on helping health insurance firms increase their bottom lines in the most efficient manner. Here’s all you need to know about our leads.

Qualified Leads vs. Cold Leads

In the world of modern marketing, there are two main types of leads that you may encounter; cold leads and qualified leads. Both of them provide companies with a list of data from potential clients. However, the value of the two datasets varies substantially.

Cold data sets provide the names and numbers of people. Yet, those people may or may not be interested in purchasing a health insurance plan. Even if you close the parameters to fit your target demographic, only a small percentage will be genuine targets. As such, the time and money spent on getting the right leads will make the whole process seem futile.

Conversely, qualified leads, otherwise known as warm leads, are from prospects that have already shown an interest. They have actively filled out a form and decided to opt-in for more information relating to health insurance options. These individuals are actively ready to complete a transaction, or at least find out further info. As such, the conversion rates will be far greater than those from cold leads.

At Conversion Marketing, we specialize exclusively in qualified health insurance leads, ensuring that you gain data from people who WANT to buy insurance. The value of this information is phenomenal.

Warm Leads With Detailed Information

Getting the names and telephone number of people that are interested in health insurance is one thing. However, gaining access to a plethora of additional data takes your game to the next level. This information can be used to provide personalized approaches to selling, resulting in data-driven decisions geared towards maximized conversions.

Conversion Marketing collects a range of valuable data for healthcare insurance leads, including but not limited to:

  • IP Address,
  • Date & Time stamp
  • Email address
  • Telephone details
  • Credit rating
  • Homeowner status
  • First and last name
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Address including city, state, and zip.

This data helps you target people actively interested in buying health insurance while also splitting your audience into subcategories. At Conversion Marketing, we can provide shared leads, exclusive leads, and leads from people that are actively in the process of trying to take out a plan.

Our sophisticated approach to lead generation guarantees optimal optimization, resulting in reduced waste and far greater outcomes.

Better Healthcare Insurance Leads = More Money

Qualified healthcare insurance leads streamline the process in many ways. Ultimately, though, the main incentive for taking this approach is that it helps you win more clients to increase the revenue in the most efficient manner possible. Gaining a head start over the competition has never been easier. Contact us today to jumpstart your business development cycle and convert more customers.