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5 Benefits of Qualified Leads for Debt Settlement

Debt is something of a way of life in America, with the average household owing thousands of dollars to any number of institutions. From student debt to personal debt, the opportunities for leads are somewhat endless. 

However,  even with an endless list of potential prospects, cold calling isn’t necessarily recommended. This is especially when you consider the real-life stories that come attached to why someone could be behind on their bills. 

Qualified leads, or those who have already expressed interest in a debt settlement service, offer your team the chance to connect with someone who’s ready to put debt behind them. Conversion Marketing has seen first-hand just how rewarding it can be to work with opt in debt leads who already recognize how this service can help. 

1. Higher Engagement 

As the name would suggest, our company is all about conversions, and conversions start with engagement. Getting people interested in what you have to say starts with finding that one thread that ties both of you together. 

Whether you’re chasing personal debt leads or student debt leads, the idea is to catch people when they’re in the right mode. If they’re wrapped up in an unrelated project or can’t even bear to look at the numbers yet, you’re only going to irritate them at best or infuriate them at worst. 

 If someone has already shown some degree of interest in taking control of their finances, this is a great sign. It shows that they’ve turned a corner by making a tentative first step. A qualified lead is going to be interested to hear about how settlement works and what it can do to change their life. 

2. Compliant Debt Leads Offer More Protection 

From TCPA to DNC, the number of consumer regulations is sometimes difficult to keep track of. However, for all the rules and exceptions out there, you really only have one to keep in mind:

You are always better off contacting someone who wants to be contacted rather than someone who’s never expressed any interest in your service or product. 

At Conversion Marketing, we take protections seriously, both for the consumer and for our clients. We go to great lengths to ensure that our compliant debt leads are worthwhile for everyone involved in the transaction. 

3. Better Rates of Return 

Of every 100 people you contact right now, how many conversions are you seeing? This question goes well beyond the financial element of the equation. What does your sales team have to invest (time, mental energy, etc.) in each lead before they see any kind of return. 

If you start with opt in debt settlement leads, you’re more likely to inspire more interest with that many more people. For instance, if you’re targeting credit card debt leads, you can start with just how flexible these companies can be under the right circumstances. Not everyone knows that these options are available, and your team can help tailor the best solution to each individual.  

The money you spend on leads may always feel like a bit of a gamble. Even in the most controlled of circumstances, some lists are going to perform better than others. At Conversion Marketing, we do everything in our power to smooth out your success statistics, giving you the kind of improved average that you can take to the bank. We’re here to help you invest in total confidence. 

4. Better Conversations 

Whether you’re contacting a lead by text, email, or phone call, a qualified lead gives you the chance to start a real conversation with each person. Being in debt can be difficult for anyone to go through and finding the right words is critical if you want to keep the interaction going.  

Someone with $10,000 in credit card debt will be in a very different situation from someone with $100,000 student loan debt. With qualified leads, you can learn more about the person before your team reaches out to them. 

With the right leads, you may also get better insights into the common thread behind those in debt. This can help you find angles that will cut down on wasted time and steer everyone toward an actual solution. 

5. You Can Offer More Help

Tackling debt can really only be done when people are ready to make a change. It will also have something to do with the person’s individual circumstances as well. Going up against these kinds of sticky scenarios can make debt settlement calls or emails feel like little minefields just waiting to detonate. 

At the end of the day though, debt settlement companies are offering people a way out — one that they may not even have realized was an option before. Qualified leads are a way to talk to more of the right people and empower them to go the extra mile for both themselves and their families. 

How Conversion Marketing Serves Up Qualified Leads

There are always going to be people in debt, no matter what the economy is up to at any given moment. Conversion Marketing is here to narrow down your prospects so you can start reaching out to opt in debt leads only. 

When you contact someone who wants you to contact them, you start off on the right foot. Your customer needs something and you are offering it to them. Instead of reaching out to people who would rather do anything besides face up to a number in red, you’re reaching out to someone who’s actively acknowledged that they can’t do this on their own. 

If you’re ready to learn more about how qualified debt leads can inject more life into your business, we’re ready to help. Reach out to us to learn how we source and compile our opt in debt leads to give you the best advantage.