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Opt-In Leads and Health Insurance: How to Plan Your Strategy

Open enrollment might be over, but now is the best time to plan your strategy before it gets going again. The more organized you are, the higher your conversion rate will be — particularly when you have the right leads on hand. We’ll look at how everything from web opt in health leads to aged health leads can build your lists and make for better conversations all around. 

New Providers, New Trends, New Laws, New Frustrations 

The healthcare industry is undoubtedly frustrating for everyone, but it becomes particularly complicated when you’re watching your pennies. People are already paying a high premium and to add insult to injury, they’re often unclear about what portion they have to cover for any given health service. Most people will know the basics of their plan, but few will have memorized the terms. 

This is also an industry that is rife with turnover. It’s common for people to change carriers and providers for any number of reasons (e.g., moving, changing jobs, wanting a different doctor, etc.). In addition to the standard reasons, there’s the growing trend of self-employment to consider, particularly as contract work and side hustles become more in demand. 

Finally, insurance laws change from year to year, and often not for the better. New regulations introduce a host of new issues. More often than not, the consumer doesn’t realize what’s changed until they’re either rejected for certain services or receive an outrageous bill. Unfortunately, even the insurance companies might not know what’s covered until they have to interpret an obscure medical code and the intention behind the service! This presents opportunities at nearly every turn, ones where salespeople can connect with a lead on a more personal level. 

It also makes for a lot of questions about coverage, and the right company can build trust immediately by being there to answer them. Building your strategy means having the facts about both the insurance products that you sell (or connect people to) and your leads. Contacting someone about their health is different from contacting them about their car, and each touchpoint you have with a web opt in health lead needs to be treated with the gravity it deserves. 

Finding Your Stride

At Conversion Marketing, we recommend having as much information to start with. Rather than just names and contact information, anything from the number of children in the home to credit rating can affect how you approach each person. A healthy young person who doesn’t even have a regular doctor is unlikely to sign up for a Platinum plan, particularly if they’re already in debt. 

Remember: you’re not insulting someone’s intelligence by assuming that they’re confused by the whole process. Seasoned HR managers still have to pore over policies to really understand them! And if you’re going with opt-in leads, you’re talking to someone who’s already expressed interest in learning more. They don’t need any more generic promises, what they need is real information based on their personal needs. 

As with any call, email, or text message, you’re looking to start a dialog between you and the other person. Health may be a deeply private matter, but you can still explain the benefits to people and answer questions without overstepping your boundaries.  

Should You Use Aged Health Leads?

Aged health leads refer to people who have expressed interest being contacted about insurance in the past. Considering health insurance is more of a necessity than a luxury, you may not think that these leads are as worthwhile when compared to more recent leads. After all, the consumer will have found a provider whether a salesperson or marketing team reached out to them or not. 

Yet open enrollment is just a few months away, and it’s not uncommon for an aged health lead to be dissatisfied with their level of coverage. It’s all too easy to select a plan based on the price of the premium, only to find that the nickels and dimes of every appointment add up. From co-pays to prescriptions to percentages, aged web opt in health leads may have plenty to say about how they’d like to change their plan. Plus, they were already open to being contacted to begin with, giving you an easy way to grab people’s interest. 

From Conversation to Conversion 

There’s no need to rush the process when it comes to leads, but there also needs to be more than just meandering back-and-forths. There’s a balance here, one that can be found if you’re able to listen more than you speak. As you work to find and address the customer’s real pain points, there needs to be clear follow-up of how and what they can do to fix the problem. 

Sometimes it’s as simple as filling out a simple form or saying yes over the form, but other situations are more complicated. For instance, a person who has COBRA now will need to cancel if they find another provider. A salesperson won’t have all the answers based on different carrier policies, but they should have some input and insight to make the process a little smoother. 

Finding Better Opt In Health Insurance Leads 

Conversion Marketing specializes in finding leads who are interested in health insurance and then building their profiles with accurate data. We’re here to give salespeople and marketers everything they need to form a relationship over any given medium. From print to digital to phone calls, you can contact people on their level according to their agenda. 

Few things will catch a person’s eye (or ear) more than a statement that was tailor-made for them. This one-on-one strategy has untold benefits for your conversion rates, and we can help you get there. If you want to learn more about how we source our lists and what you can expect, call us today to find out more.