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Looking for Debt Aged Web Leads?

Consumers who have $15k+ of credit card debt who need help are a bigger and bigger group of consumers in the US today. If handled correctly, aged debt leads have the potential to be a profitable strategy for mortgage and debt companies. In most cases, they function best in a telemarketing or call center atmosphere; nevertheless, if you are comfortable on the phone and have an aggressive sales approach, they will serve you well.
If consumers cannot make their payments, they will be forced to choose between several unpleasant financial options.
What is a Debt Consolidation Loan? A debt consolidation loan uses a single source of cash to pay off multiple creditors. A consumer could have three credit cards with outstanding balances, a college loan, and a personal loan. A debt consolidation loan consolidates payments into a single monthly payment that is less expensive than prior installments. Perhaps you can help consumers with a debt consolidation loan? We have the leads.
Aged leads provide more bang for the buck, consider this you can purchase a real time Debt lead for roughly $45 and a slightly aged one for less than $1 Being reasonably priced, they can be bought in large quantities without going over your budget, and are great tools to use in building the confidence of your sales team.

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What are the Benefits of Aged Debt Leads?
· Make more calls per day – Aged debt leads are more affordable than other similar type leads. That will give you more prospects to make calls to when you buy these leads. Calling more leads means a higher probability of closing more sales.
· Building the CRM database – Using our aged debt leads helps to build your sales database. This data can be classified based on lead profiles and sales call strategy and then used to make calls to prospects in the order of importance.
· Aged debt leads and power dialers make a great training combination – Your business can use aged debt leads to train its sales agents in your sales process.
This saves you valuable dollars. Using fresh leads to train agents means wasting money on mistakes and inexperience.
· Aged debt leads decrease the power dialer downtime – The higher the number of aged debt leads you procure, the greater the use of your power dialer and the lower the agent downtime.
So, if you are looking at maximizing lead conversions and improving efficiency, the best option is to use a combination of aged debt leads and a sales team that really knows what they’re doing.
Need aged debt leads? Contact us today.