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What Are Solar Live Transfers and How Can They Help My Business?

Marketing today has changed in so many ways, but the core elements remain the same. As a business owner, you’re connecting to customers who are interested in your products and services. It’s the quality of these relationships that end up driving your bottom line.

Solar live transfers are a marketing strategy that allows you to talk to people who would benefit from what you do. But there’s a more personal twist here, one that can set you up for success before you even say ‘hello’.

What Is a Solar Live Transfer?

A live transfer is a service from a lead company designed to improve the quality of your phone calls with customers. Call center reps can dial out, field inbound calls, and qualify a person’s requests before they take action. Business owners ultimately end up talking to people who are looking to buy.

What Is the Advantage of Live Transfers?

A solar business owner will typically choose live transfers if they want to spend less time convincing and more time closing.

At Conversion Marketing, we dig into the caller’s situation to understand more about what they’re really looking for. Only when we know that a prospective customer would benefit from being transferred do we actually make the connection with a business.

For instance, we might call someone who filled out a quote request about solar panels for their commercial property. Once we connect with them, we verify that they’re still interested in the information. From there, we provide a personal introduction between the lead and the business. It makes for a seamless transition and an excellent first impression.

More Conversions

We don’t have to tell you that the distance you have to cross with a cold lead can be wide. With a solar live transfer, Conversion Marketing works to close that gap. Our leads are award-winning precisely because we find people in the right place at the right time.

This offers two key benefits:

When you get on the line with someone who’s interested, the dynamic is immediately in your favor. It’s the customer that needs something from you, not the other way around.
While a customer will still make you work for their business, you start off on the right foot. It all adds up to higher closing rates.

There’s a reason why transfer leads have grown in popularity as of late. The frustration it alleviates for the business owner is worth its weight in gold.


The value of a person-to-person call cannot be discounted in a world of phone trees and robotic voices. With a solar live transfer at Conversion Marketing, we have a friendly voice reach out to a prospect who has already expressed interest in solar services. We work hard to be as warm as we are professional. Our call center is tackling the most time-consuming step of sales, so you can focus on what you do best.

The Extra Mile

Live transfers have become popular in the solar industry because they send a strong message to customers. Instead of trying to upsell them on a product they might not even be interested in, you’re putting the customer’s needs above profits.

At Conversion Marketing, we know how to harness that interest to put you in the best position to make a sale. Instead of reaching out to someone who just installed panels from your competitor, Conversion Marketing is offering a genuine service to the customer on the other end of the line.

Weed Out the Wrong People

The solar industry has seen so much interest in just the past few years. As the cost of equipment and installation trends downward, more people are seeing the economic returns that lie just behind the initial investment.

This has given solar business owners a huge advantage — no one knows the value of their products better than they do. After all, it can be pretty easy to sell someone on significant long-term savings.

Yet just because the industry has grown in popularity, this doesn’t mean that every lead is a sure-fire thing. At Conversion Marketing, we might call a commercial property owner who has expressed interest in panels in the past. When we talk to the customer though, we learn that they’ve decided to forego the project entirely due to budget cuts. Even if their electricity bills would eventually pay for the panels many times over, they’re not interested in taking the chance right now. What if they go out of business in a month?

Trying to convince a property owner that they have money (when they don’t) or to take out a high-interest loan to finance the project (when they can’t) isn’t necessarily worth the risk. It may only annoy the property owner and potentially turn them off to solar companies entirely.

With transfer leads, a business owner isn’t speaking to someone who’s been given the run-around or bothered by an unsolicited phone call. Conversion Marketing will only take the next step with a person who wants us to. You get the facts about what they need so you can dive straight into how you can help. It’s this kind of efficiency that makes for more loyal customers right from the get-go.

Taking the Chance

Transfer leads are a specialized type of marketing, one that requires both the right data and the right professionals to field the calls. For a solar business owner to make this kind of investment, they need to be sure they’re getting what they pay for.

Conversion Marketing makes it our mission to improve communication on every level. Whether it’s with an interested customer or not, we make a sincere effort to reach people and meet them where they are. If you’re interested in a call center that will serve as a bridge to people who want to buy, we can facilitate a connection so you have more calls that lead to sales.