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Exclusive Solar Leads to Boost Sales

Exclusive Solar Leads

Exclusive solar leads are leads that are not shared with other solar panel and installment companies to give you the best chance of a conversion. With the topic of climate change so heavily in the media, there is a growing demand for sustainable and renewable sources of energy like solar power. Solar energy is past its early adopters’ phase and is widely in-demand among the general public. As demand for this alternative energy source continues to grow, demand for quality, high-conversion rate leads also increases.

Conversion Marketing can help clients through the time-consuming and demanding task of generating exclusive leads. We have the most exhaustive database of contacts and opt-in leads to find the right client for your solar installment company. We offer help with solar leads that fit all needs and are not sold to multiple solar installment companies. There are some common reasons for not generating leads and missing out on opportunities. First, your company is lacking a marketing program and you have no customer acquisition strategy. Two, you’ve never tried using exclusive solar leads.

There are many pros and a few cons to exclusive leads, and we will explore some of them below.

Eliminates the Competition 

The benefit of exclusive leads is that it removes the element of competition from the lead pool. These leads are sold solely to one company to reap the benefits. This provides an element of control for solar companies when it comes to their sales process. This cushion allows for solar companies to take their time with the potential client and build the relationship to find out what their solar needs are. Non-exclusive leads put more pressure on companies to have the perfect pitch and win over customers fast because of time constraints.

Lead Quality is Higher

Lead quality is what determines how likely a potential prospect is in becoming a solar customer. Conversion Marketing offers opt-in leads because they are the most effective solar lead acquisition method. This is because the consumers on this list that have submitted a form or query regarding a home solar panel system. Opt-in leads are better than a cold lead because these consumers are interested in purchasing solar panels and installation. It is the right time for a company to reach out to them and see what needs they have.

Higher Return on Investment  

Exclusive solar leads have a higher ROI because they’ve all been qualified and prescreened so it is optimized for our clients. Although the cost for exclusive leads is higher than for non-exclusive leads, it is worth the investment to get ahead of the competition while the market is expanding.

If you have more questions about our comprehensive approach to lead generation for solar companies, get in contact with us today. We can guide you through finding the appropriate solar leads for your company. To get in touch with us, fill out our contact form, call us at (888) 665-7655, or email us at [email protected] or – we look forward to helping fulfill what you’re looking for.