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Are Live Transfers Good for My Solar Business?

With the solar industry heating up, the question for business owners is quickly turning into how to best use their marketing dollars. Live transfers offer countless benefits, including the chance to talk to someone who’s already interested in what you have to offer. 

Of course, there’s a downside too, mainly that it’s more expensive and there’s a chance for the conversation to still somehow go wrong. We’ll look at the details so you can decide whether it’s worth the investment. 

How They Work 

Live transfers don’t start with you, but rather with a general representative from an outsourced company. Essentially, a call center employee calls people and then determines what a prospective customer is looking for. If your business can provide the solution, the rep will make the connection. You get a quick briefing before jumping right into your spiel. 

Theoretically, it’s great for everyone. You won’t have to try to sell residential panels to someone who owns three office buildings, nor will you have to field 30 different failed calls before you strike gold. When live transfers go right, they cut down on the confusion that kills sales before they even have the chance to get off the ground. 

Are They Worth It?

Potentially. Here are some questions you’ll need to ask:

  • Cost-per-call: Unlike solar aged leads or even real-time leads, live transfers aren’t for the cash-strapped budget. Because this is one of the most sure-fire ways to sell products and services, it’s also one of the most labor-intensive. You’ll see that reflected in the final bill. 
  • Industry knowledge: A call center rep doesn’t have to know your industry like you do, but they will need some degree of understanding before they transfer the calls. If you end up with a subpar team dialing out, you could end up destroying the goodwill that live transfers are supposed to build up. 
  • Market: This reminder is related to your costs. If you operate in a sunny area with plenty of disposable income, then chances are live transfers will be worth that initial sticker shock. If you don’t have enough people interested in the service though, the strategy could eat into your revenue fairly quickly. 

The Odds Are in Your Favor 

Sales pitches are sometimes endless back-and-forths, many of which ultimately go nowhere. You could easily waste time that you don’t have on people who are never going to buy. Live transfers are a way to help solar business owners build their income and establish a reputation in the community. If you want to bring your company to the next level or build a bigger base of customers, this could be exactly what you need. 

At Conversion Marketing, we’ve found that this marketing option can be an extremely effective strategy for solar businesses that just need to get a foothold to thrive. As more people turn to green energy, the demand for renewable fuel shows no signs of dipping. This is a solid sector, and it’s only going to get better. 

When you choose us for your live transfers, you can rest assured that you’re working with a partner who understands what’s at stake. You already have an advantage with the industry you’ve chosen, but this is a way to get a real edge over your direct competitors. This approach ensures that you start in the best possible position: you know what the customer is looking for and you know how to get them the solution. If you want to learn more about how the process can work for your business, contact us today for the details.