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Why Would Anyone Buy Old Leads?

If you’re wondering ‘are aged leads worth it?’, you’re asking a good question. If you want your revenue to climb, it all starts with cultivating strategies that actually work for your business. At Conversion Marketing, we’ve found that aged leads can be a killer way to earn, and we look into why exactly below. 

What Exactly Are Aged Leads?

Aged leads aren’t an exact science. So if a homeowner who wants solar panels for their roof fills out their information right now, it’s not like there’s an official timer that officially changes them from ‘real-time’ to ‘aged’ after exactly 36 hours. For some people, anything after 24 hours might be aged, for others, it’s closer to three months. 

Why Would Anyone Buy Them?

Of course, the biggest reason why people buy them is because they cost less than real-time leads. That price reduction is music to any ma

The reasons ultimately vary based on the size of your business, your competitors, and your target demographic. Here are just a few reasons:

  • You’re in an exceptionally popular industry. If everyone in a target demographic is clamoring for solar panels, chances are a competitor who called upon all those real-time leads wasn’t able to get to them all. 
  • You have a relatively inexperienced sales team. Old leads gives salespeople a way to build their rapport with people who might not have been likely to buy. The practice is invaluable to them and can even generate some sales for you. 
  • You want a client base. Old leads give new companies a starting point, which isn’t always easy when they’re the new player in an industry. 
  • You know you’re good at what you do, and you’ve been growing as a result. If you’re adding new people and what to keep pace, aged leads make it possible to capitalize on the momentum. 

How Do Aged Leads Work?

The standard answer is that you buy aged leads, contant them, and then start figuring out what trends you’re seeing within the potential buyers. For instance, you might notice that people want what you’re selling, but they’re having troubles with the financing. Or you might find that the demand isn’t as strong as you thought it was, regardless of what angle you try. 

The reality is that your experience with aged leads depends on what company you buy them from. If you’re not contacting the right people, then you can end up learning all of the wrong things. What you need are leads who are genuinely interested in who you are and what you do — regardless of whether they’ve chosen one of your competitors already. 

At Conversion Marketing, we make it a point to supply lists for people who have been thoroughly vetted. This way, you don’t end up calling someone who provided their information for all the wrong reasons — like for the sole purpose of entering a raffle. 

Should Everyone Buy Aged Leads?

No. Just as not everyone should buy real-time leads, not everyone should buy aged leads either. If you want to learn more about whether aged leads are for you, it might help to talk to a professional who’s seen how it all works. Conversion Marketing is staffed with people who will talk to you about your business, and tell you more about the people who are most likely to buy from you. Contact us to learn more about how we provided aged leads in each of our verticals, and whether aged leads will be worth the cost of your investment.