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How to Take Your ROI to the Next Level with Opt-In Leads

An opt-in lead is a qualified lead, and it’s the verification that separates this strategy from the rest of the pack. A person who has opted into information is one who is interested in your product or service. 

This distinction makes them instantly more receptive to what you have to say. Conversion Marketing wants you to know more about different types of opt-in leads and how they can improve your revenue.  

The Advantages of Real-Time Opt-In Leads  

A real-time opt-in lead is a contact that has expressed a desire for a particular need. For instance, they want to learn more about solar panels or switching their health insurance carrier. And while some are certainly more ready to buy than others, your company has a unique opportunity here. 

Communicate with People Who Want to Hear from You 

With real-time opt-in leads, you reach out to a person who is ready to hear from you. 

Real-time leads may be exclusive or they can be shared with other companies in your vertical. Exclusive leads will run you a little more of your marketing budget. However, you also get a chance to cultivate a relationship with someone without as much competition. Talk to someone who won’t hang up the phone, delete your email, or add their mobile number to a DNC list. 

The Realities and Advantages of Aged Opt-In Leads 

Aged opt-in leads start off as real-time leads. Once a certain amount of time has passed though, they’re classified as aged. (There isn’t a precise hour when a real-time lead converts to an aged, but it’s typically not long after the consumer expresses interest.)

Some verticals may have a tough time with aged leads. For instance, health insurance enrollment has a cut-off date. Calling on someone after that date might be helpful for when open enrollment starts again, but certainly not for an immediate sale. 

Aged Opt-In Leads Are Recommended for Companies that Want to Scale Business 

Aged opt-in leads are typically effective for building steady business over time. This kind of consistent effort can lead to serious gains in long-term revenue. 

These leads are based on numbers. They’re cheaper than real-time leads because they’re inherently a bit of a gamble. For instance, contact information may be out of date, the lead may have already found another company to buy from, etc. 

If you can afford to spend the time though, aged leads can truly scale your business. 

Segment Your Aged Opt-In Leads Based on Their Intentions 

Speaking to an aged contact can be an eye-opening experience for your sales team. This is where they learn personal stories about how their interest played out over time. It gives them a chance to see how trends are evolving in your industry. 

As you grow your database with accurate information, you can keep up with customers based on where they are in the funnel. Those who want to buy eventually will need a very different service level than one who’s ready to buy today. 

Understanding Custom Tailored Opt-In Leads 

Custom lists today can provide more bang for your buck. Instead of reaching out with the same message, you can filter lists based on key demographics. So if you’re selling auto warranties, you’d have a different strategy for a teenager vs. a retiree. 

So when you think of your perfect client, whoever that happens to be, you get a chance to speak to them directly. 

As you work out your scripts, emails, or messages, try to factor in as many details as you can. A person making $50,000 a year isn’t going to have the same priorities as someone making five times that much. 

Custom filters help you craft more effective ways to connect with people on their level. 

The One to One Experience in Marketing: Speaking Directly to Customers 

The personalized 1:1 experience in marketing is becoming more ubiquitous, but we’re still at a point where an opt-in lead is likely to consider it memorable. 

One of the most universally well-known examples of 1:1 marketing is ordering a Lyft or Uber. When the driver arrives, you get a notification that they’ve arrived. No one else is getting this branded message, it’s solely for you. 

How to Establish the Customer Connection

There are ways to bring this concept into nearly any vertical, though some will be easier than others. However you design your 1:1 experience, just make sure you’re telling the lead something they need to know. 

The more you can identify where the buyer is coming from before they have a chance to tell you, the more impressed they’ll be.

Opt-In Leads and Conversion Marketing 

Conversion Marketing specializes in opt-in leads, regardless of whether you’re interested in aged, real-time, or custom lists. 

  • Qualified: We’ve gone through prospects to create lists of people who want information. 
  • Warm: Cold calling can be an effective strategy, but it’s undeniably more difficult. Choosing opt-in leads is more rewarding and alienates fewer customers. 
  • ROI: You might be surprised at just how much repeat business we get. This is because our opt-in leads work. 
  • Multiple verticals: Conversion Marketing has dozens of verticals to choose from so you can tailor your list. We know your market and we’re happy to share our insights for better conversion strategies. 
  • Fresh: Your lists are 100% yours if you choose Conversion Marketing. The people on these lists are waiting and ready to hear from your company to see how you can help.
  • Compliant: Compliance laws are becoming more complex (and more punitive) today, and opt-in leads can be a great way to ensure your company stays on the straight and narrow. 

If you’re looking for opt-in leads, reaching out to us today can be the best move you can make for your ROI. Whether you want to expand to the next town over or around the world, we’re ready to help.