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How Conversion Marketing Commits to Transparency: Upholding Privacy and Consent for Lead Buyers 

If you’re interested in buying leads, whether real-time or aged, consider where your information is coming from. The last thing you need is to get a bogus list where people are mystified as to why you’re contacting them. 

Quality leads start with transparency, something that many companies unfortunately lack. We’ll look at the specifics of this topic and how our staff takes the initiative to go the extra mile. 

Buy Leads with Confidence 

If you want to understand basic compliance when it comes to buying aged leads, all you really need to do is think about it from the other side of the equation: Your customers don’t want to be hassled about a product or service they have no interest in buying. They don’t want to think they’re signing up for one thing only to be sold another. And they definitely don’t want to be contacted over and over again by a company that can’t take a hint! 

At Conversion Marketing, we ensure our prospects give their express consent to be contacted via a secure form. With a little help from a trusted third-party solution, we can show (and prove) the full history of the person or organization you’ll ultimately be trying to reach. Transparency is at the heart of what we do because they’re the best way to get results. 

More Data, More Insights 

When you have more data, you get a head start. Talking to leads is all about understanding where they’re coming from. If they expressed interest in being contacted six months ago about a product or service, this is a very different situation than if they expressed interest six minutes ago. 

We give our clients everything they need to know before they make a decision, so they can decide whether they want to buy a list in the first place and how to communicate with the people on the list should they choose to take the plunge. 

Total Privacy 

Privacy today can feel like little more than a pipe dream. Yet not every company is looking to subvert the rules. In fact, companies that do hold onto their integrity are those that do better in the long run. Considering we’re all about conversions, we want all of our clients to start out with their best foot forward. 

When you purchase real-time leads from us, you can see how the customer interacted with different webpages and the data that they chose to share. 

Why It Matters 

When consumers are more savvy than ever before, it pays to have honest conversations with them. That doesn’t mean that you can’t promote your business or run your campaigns, but it does mean that you need to have their best intentions at heart. 

Conversion Marketing doesn’t play games with our clients, nor do we put them in compromising positions. Whether you’re reaching out to homeowners who want to install solar panels or a single parent trying to get the best healthcare plan for their kid, we provide the kinds of leads that end in sales. 

If you want to learn more about how we can help you stay compliant and boost your bottom line at the same time, reach out to us today.