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Converting Solar Leads to Sales in 2022: Improving Your Percentage In an Ever-Growing Industry

The S&P Global Market Intelligence recently published a report that said solar would hit new records in 2022. Fueled by a snowballing trend of energy transition, people are anxious to start the future today. The predictions predicted that as much as 44 gigawatts of utility-scale solar would come online, nearly double that of the new capacity brought on in 2021. 

If the S&P has it right, the opportunities are going to be unprecedented for solar companies that are ready to grow their revenue, expand into new territories, or both. If you’re having a tough time with your conversion metrics, we’ll give you a few pointers that can take your business in a new direction. 

Find Better Leads 

We cannot overstate that the demand for solar power is strong. If you’re struggling right now, it’s extremely unlikely it’s because there’s no interest. It is likely that you’re marketing to the wrong people. Whether it’s because someone doesn’t have the financial wherewithal for solar or because they already signed on with a competitor, starting with a vetted and reliable list can do wonders for your percentage. 

Explore the Benefits of Live Transfers 

A live transfer refers to a marketing technique that only connects you with people who have an express interest in solar power:

  • Lead companies will make outbound calls and field inbound calls. 
  • Call center reps speak directly with prospective customers and verify their interest in the product. 
  • Only when customers’ requests are qualified will call center reps transfer them to solar business owners. 

So instead of talking to someone with a passing understanding of your services at best, you’re talking to someone who wants to know how much they can save on their utility bills for a 2,500 sq. ft. home or a 30,000 sq. ft. office space. 

Consider Changing Up Your Lead Strategy

Every solar company in 2022 should have a lead strategy that takes into account not just the products they offer, but also their position in the industry and the people they cater to. For instance, some people prefer aged leads because they’re inexpensive and they give business owners the chance to start real conversations with people. This can lead to stronger connections and an incredible referral rate. 

Because some degree of time has passed between when a person expressed interest and when they’re contacted by a business owner, the approach is far less aggressive. The casual tone can instantly endear the customer to the owner, which can help the business even if they’re not looking to buy anytime soon

Aged leads are often more than happy to spread the word to people they know and to choose the business owner that made such a good impression when they are ready to take the plunge. 

Or you could consider the opposite approach, which we would highly recommend if demand is rising in your area. Real-time leads might be more costly, but they put you in touch with people who have solar power on their mind right now. Before they move onto another home project or business venture (or worse, one of your competitors), now’s a good time to jump on their enthusiasm and take the reins. 

The Work of Conversion Marketing 

Conversion Marketing specializes in leads for solar companies that will actually mean something for their profit margins. Our entire company is built on the premise that better prospects equals steady growth. Contact us today if you want to learn more about getting your percentage up to scratch