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Are You Overlooking New Homeowners? How to Design Cold Call and Direct Mail Campaigns for This Demographic 

New homeowners are often overlooked by numerous businesses, despite the fact that this demographic often has big plans for their new space. We’ll look at how you can appeal to them and what kind of information you need before diving into a new strategy. 

Why Homeowners Are Overlooked 

In a lot of ways, it makes sense for businesses to ignore new homeowners. After all, they likely just spent much of their savings on the home, so why would they be ready to dump even more as soon as they move in? (They’re also likely to be exhausted from the moving process.) In addition, many business owners might discount new homeowners entirely if there isn’t a lot of turnover in their area — why go after such a small portion of people when you could be casting your nets a lot wider?

Why You Need to Pay Attention 

New homeowners are excited about their new property, and they’re ready to invest in it to make it better. Even if they’re just moving across the street, this is an opportunity for them to build a different life for themselves and their family. Whether you’re a gardener, kitchen designer, or new solar panel installer, this is the chance to talk to people and capitalize on their motivation. If they’re willing to take bold steps, you should be willing to pick up the slack. 

Marketing Campaigns 

Before you start anything, make sure you know:

  • Locations: You should ideally have this down to a cross-street science. Going outside the boundaries can potentially compromise your quality if you make too many concessions. 
  • Format: Would you rather talk to people on the phone or send them a mailer? Calls are more immediate and harder to ignore. Even in the age of screening, they’re often more effective than business owners give them credit for. However, direct mailers are often a non confrontational way to introduce your business. It’s a local ‘hello’ that people might be thankful for. 
  • Message: Are you telling a new homeowner that you’re cheaper than your competitors? More efficient? More experienced? Better looking? Whatever it is you’re trying to tell them, just keep in mind that they’re probably still wincing from the down payment. (And they probably are pretty tired from moving.)
  • CTA: Do you want people to get an estimate? Come into your shop? Save the environment one purchase at a time? Make sure you know what you want your customers to do so they don’t have to do any more decision-making (may we remind you they’ve already done enough of that). 
  • Tracking: How will you measure how effective your campaign is? Some marketers will set up two separate phone numbers (say, one for direct mail and one for cold calling), and then determine how many people call in on each line. 

The Importance of Data 

At Conversion Marketing, our job is to get you data that you can trust, help you design campaigns that will work with your target demographic, and help you adjust them if they’re not landing with people. No matter what area of the country you live in, new homeowners can be a source of revenue that you hadn’t even considered. 

The catch is that you need to know who you’re talking to before you pitch them a service or product that they either have no use for or couldn’t afford in their wildest dreams. If you want to scale your income up, we’re here to tell you what you need to know. Contact us today to learn more.