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Overcoming Challenges with Telemarketing in 2019

Reflecting on the previous year, we’ve come a tremendous way with our telemarketing services. Because we’re invested in our clients, we’ve helped overcome tremendous challenges. Telemarketing in 2019 is looking bright because of everything we learned last year. 

Here at Conversion Marketing Solutions, we help clients overcome all types of business challenges. Companies rely on telemarketing to increase productivity in business development. Our favorite clients are those who have aggressive sales goals that challenge both of us. Our continued focus for telemarketing in 2019 is working with out clients to double sales.

Telemarketing in 2019 Challenge: Increase Growth

Because of the endless list of challenges brought to us, we decided to break down the problem. Every business development issue deals with company growth. While companies have many different goals for the year, it’s every company’s intention to grow. Small and large companies alike share this similar goal. With a common goal in mind, we have the solution: telemarketing in 2019!

Customer Retention Challenge

Due to the growth challenge comes the customer retention challenge. Your overall strategy must touch on customers and growth simultaneously. It will be easier to scale your company if you continue to have recurring clients. Consider a strategy that focuses on growth and retention when planning out your telemarketing in 2019.

Keep in Contact with Customers

You should take a long-term strategy approach to nurturing your customers. If you want clients to repeat business, you must consider a long-term relationship. Telemarketing in 2019 can be one of your outbound touch-points to retain contact with clients. In addition, you can use this strategy to up-sell or introduce new products/services.  If you’re looking for a second touch-point, consider email marketing to stay connected.

Acquiring New Leads

Alongside recurring customers, we all understand the importance of new lead generation. Your business development team needs a quality lead list in order to make sales. Partnering with a lead generation company is the easiest way to get quality leads based on your target market. Your telemarketing in 2019 strategy should revolve around a specific plan utilizing filters to target the right audience. Don’t waste money buying lousy leads.

To learn more about increasing sales, targeting the right customers, and growing your company, reach out to Conversion Marketing today. We work one-on-one with our clients to ensure that our goals align to grow business and deliver quality leads.