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Improve your Bottom Line through Data Appending

Having outdated or incomplete data not only disrupts the flow of your marketing efforts, but can result in lost business. Contact information is constantly changing, whether business or personal. In order to preserve the integrity of your leads and lists, data appending fills the voids and updates inaccurate information.

What is Data Appending

Data appending is the process of filling the gaps in your data lists. For example, you may have partial information about someone, such as their name but no email. Data appending updates the contact information with the correct data and inserts information where there were previously gaps. In addition, this service updates outdated information, such as an old number or email address.

Benefits of Data Appending

Outdated or broken data is essentially useless, making data appending vital for an accurate contact list. Once you have accurate data, the opportunities are endless. You can run effective marketing and email campaigns that actually reach your contacts which will boost leads and sales. Other benefits include increased engagement and reduced management costs through better data quality.

Data Appending Services

Businesses utilize different types of data appending depending on the data they currently have. If you have name and phone number, you would conduct an email append to add an email address. If you have an email address, you would conduct a phone append to add a phone number for the contact. This is beneficial for adding additional information, such as birthday or home address, to create a closer relationship with your contacts. Specific types include social media profile, phone, contact, B2B Email, B2C Email, and more.

With so many moving parts in the business world, contact information is constantly being updated and changed. When someone gets a promotion or relocates, chances are that some piece of contact information will be updated. In order to keep your records up to date as well, you can conduct data appends by partnering with a data expert. Maintain the integrity of your data to keep your business competitive and efficient. Contact us here to get started.